SOD Fruit Blend


Made with natural ingredients, Revivify® SOD Fruit Blend reduces free radicals by restoring cell integrity to the body. This helps combat rapid aging and delays the effects of the aging process, giving you and your skin a healthy glow from the cellular level. Consume 1-2 Revivify® SOD Fruit Blend in the morning or afternoon and experience the difference in your vitality.






SOD Pro-energy Fiber


Take this natural fiber powdered drink in water or juice with your breakfast to get an energy boost for your active day. The natural fibers and nutrients nurture the microbes in your gut, improve digestion, help nutrient absorption and strengthen your immune system. With no added caffeine, hormones, or stimulants, an additional sachet mixed in water when you’re having a long day and experiencing low energy, will give you the added energy boost without any risk to you.


Energy Drink for Better Nutrient Absorption

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SOD Chewable Tablets


SOD Chewable tablets act on free radicals preventing them from triggering a chain reaction that will generate more free radicals in the body.


The latest breakthrough formula extracts SOD from natural sources like melons.


Each tablet is rich in 500 active units of pure SOD enzymes, which can directly and effectively supplement the SOD lacking in the body and is suitable for most people.


Recommended active SOD units for different health systems:

For healthy systems: 200-300 units

For weak systems: 400-600 units

For systems affected by diseases: 600-900 units


Natural Ingredients from Around the World


​Replenish cell energy and regenerate youth !



CoQ10-Omega3-SOD Soft Gel Capsules


Revivify® CoQ10-Omega3-SOD Soft Gel Capsules are uniquely formulated to address and improve heart, kidney and eye related problems. It also benefits the metabolic system by facilitating activities that balance sugar and cholesterol levels in the body to foster good health and wellbeing.

Moreover, it can correct oxidative stress, improve energy production, reduce lipid auto-oxidation, improve elasticity of vascular cell walls, reduce the possibility of thickening in artery cell walls and any blockage, in addition to supplying more poly-unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids to rebuild all macro and micro vascular cells which are damaged.


Applications of SOD in Animal Husbandry

In addition to its application in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries SOD is also widely used in animal husbandry.


The abusive use of antibiotics has become a growing concern in agriculture and animal husbandry all over the world. The US Food and Drug Administration stated in 2010 that the use of antibiotics in the animal breeding industry should be restricted to reduce the increased risk of drug-resistant bacteria. The products of animal husbandry to which the abusive use of antibiotics have been applied eventually become the most common supplies for human consumption every day, which in turn affect our health and cause great harm to our bodies.

The application of Superoxide Dismutase SOD in animal husbandry, serves as an antioxidant defense agent for animal cells. SOD helps these animals grow healthier, and makes them a variety of green health products for our benefit.


Applications of SOD in Agricultural Products

Our breakthrough SOD technology is also applied to agriculture, improving the quality of agricultural products. Fruit trees with enhanced SOD, for example, will yield fruits that have high quantities of active SOD enzymes. These SOD fruits are natural functional foods, a relatively new terminology that describes foods which offer benefits to our health beyond their nutritional values.

Filling your diet with a variety of functional foods ⁠— including both conventional and fortified functional foods⁠ — can help ensure you get the nutrients you need and protect against harmful diseases.


Characteristics of SOD Fruits


Firstly, the biggest feature of SOD fruits is the high quantities of active SOD enzymes.

Secondly, SOD fruits are highly safe.

Thirdly, SOD fruits have a high resistance to heat and moisture

Lastly, SOD fruits naturally have extended shelf lives


Certification of FDA

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