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SOD·Fruit Blend

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SOD Fruit Blend


A balance of oxidants or free radicals and it’s neutralization by antioxidants are very important for good health, well-being and anti-aging process. Revivify® Pro-vitality Antioxidant Liquid Gel helps to repair the damaged cells as the formulation contains multiple antioxidants and its metabolites such as ‘’punicalagin and punicallin’’ from pomegranate, “epigallocatechin. Ellagic acid, anthocyanins” from blue berries. ‘quercetin and resveratrol’ from grape juice, ‘epigallocatchin-3 gallate [EGCG] from green tea, ‘beta-sitosterol and Phenolic acid’ from Aloe Vera, polyphenols from goji and acai, and especially superoxide dismutase [SOD] from melon.


The modern life style, taking unbalanced daily food, stress, environmental pollutions and many more reasons the balance of oxidants and body’s natural antioxidant mechanism is impaired and that causes cellular dysfunctions resulting metabolic diseases, vascular diseases, neurological diseases, and also accelerate aging sign reflecting body’s most protective visible organ of skin.


Revivify® Pro-vitality Antioxidant Liquid Gel formulation contains multiple polyphenols as antioxidants and almost 90-95% of these polyphenols needs microbial metabolism. The formulation having prebiotic fiber plays major role in the microbial metabolism. In addition to primary and secondary antioxidants these metabolites may appear to improve cellular functionality through various signaling and communication system.


Revivify® Pro-vitality Antioxidant Liquid Gel, is a natural resource that may reduce the free radicals produced in our body which restores cellular integrity, extending their longitivity and delays anti-aging process, maintaing healthy skin with elegant facial expression, and feeling young, glamour and confidant. Take one or two dailies, prearably one in the morning and for second piuch in the afternoon. Enjoy life with Revivify® Pro-vitality Antioxidant Liquid Gel and see the difference.

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