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SOD·Soft Gel Capsules



CoQ10-Omega3-SOD Soft Gel Capsules



Revivify® CoQ10-Omega3-SOD Soft Gel Capsules is the only formulation in the market that contains the most important primary anti-oxidant enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase [a patented ingredient], blended with an essential cellular enzyme CoQ10 [excellent fermented ingredient] and fish oil containing very high quality DHA and EPA . The fortification with another popular antioxidant of Vitamin-E further strengthens the product resulting in the highest level of cellular integrity.


Age, pollution, stress, and many other factors cause a decrease in cellular functions which leads to disease and degeneration. Different types and extent of damage in tissues or organs will give rise to various corresponding diseases. This unique formulation reduces the risk of many dysfunctions including cardiac diseases, eye problems and many others.


First, Superoxide dismutase [SOD], a primary antioxidant enzyme will remove excess free radicals of superoxide and reduce the possibility of producing other harmful radicals under a cascade affect. The presence of these free radicals are harmful as they attack cellular component of lipids, proteins, and DNA in our bodies.


Second, CoQ10 is a cellular enzyme that is primarily involved in the production of energy within the body. All cells need energy; cardiac muscle cells particularly require constant high energy to keep the heart pumping. If heart cells reach a level of inefficient energy production, it may cause a weakening and a disruption of the heart’s functions, particularly affecting its ability to contract which could lead other heart problems.

Third, if cells undergo oxidative stress due to excessive free radicals, it may increase the lipid peroxidation, which can break down cholesterol floating in the blood or component of cell membrane. The cell membrane is also contains unsaturated fatty acids which is also prone to auto-oxidation--- this could cause clots resulting in the possibility of a stroke, could impair the vascular cells elasticity and thickening the cell wall resulting in heart attack, coronary issues, kidney issues, eye issues and many others.


Revivify® CoQ10-Omega3-SOD Soft Gel Capsules may correct oxidative stress, improve efficient energy production, reduce lipid auto-oxidation, improve elasticity of vascular cell wall, reduce the possibility of thickening in artery cell walls and any blockage, and also supply more poly-unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids to rebuild all macro and micro vascular cells which are damaged.


Revivify® CoQ10-Omega3-SOD Soft Gel Capsules' unique formulation is beneficial for correcting many health issues including heart related, kidney related, and eye related issues. It is also beneficial to other metabolic homeostatsis such as sugar and cholesterol balance, promoting good health and general well-being. It is an excellent product for our health.

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